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We improve your Patients and Staff satisfaction

—  Our Vision

Better communication 
Better care

Improving patient satisfaction by facilitating quick, direct, and effective communication between patients and hospital staff.

Improving Staff Satisfaction by improving workflow and reducing workload.

Improving Management satisfaction by providing a clear overview of department needs, and professional tools to streamline staffing decisions. 

—  The Problem

Today, most hospitals still use the emergency red call button for all patient calls, whether they are in terrible pain or simply in need of a blanket. When a patient presses the nurse call button, hospital staff is unable to prioritize the patient's needs because there is insufficient information regarding their needs & condition.


Due to potential large number of calls and the inability to route calls to different staff members, the patient requests may left unaddressed. 

In addition, hospitals have limited data regarding personal patient care for future

analysis & improvements. 

Medical Team
—  Our Mission

To improve patients satisfaction and reduce staff burnout 

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Hospikol is committed to improving the communication between patients and the hospital staff and bridging language barriers.

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Our system collects and displays on-going data that enables the management to Increase the efficiency and quality of treatment.

Our solution ensures that all active calls and requests are received by the relevant hospital staff, allowing for a quick, direct, and effective response in a calm and quiet environment.

—  Our Solution

Hospikol is an easy to use system which enables patients to receive effective and prompt care from the relevant staff in a timely manner.

Patients are now able to send specific requests in their preferred language, that are routed, triaged and delegated by our system to the appropriate care team member.

Care team have now preemptive knowledge of the patient's needs & urgency. The call will be redirected in case of overload.

One dash-board oversees the Hospitals activity & Data Analytics. This can drive business decisions.

How does it work ?

Hospikol is an easy to use system which enables patients to receive effective and prompt care from the relevant care team member in a timely manner. 


With the use of Hospikol, patients' specific requests can now be triaged and delegated to the appropriate care team member. 

Hospikol records on-going data for analytics purpose in order to maximize hospital resources. 

Hospikol can be used as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with the hospitals electronic health and medical record systems in use.

Hospikol is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.          

Optimization of nursing workflow, results in higher satisfaction for both patients and hospital staff. 

דשבורד הוספיקול.png
Chart & Stethoscope

“Hospikol is a breakthrough in nursing, and is designed to dramatically improve the relationship between patient and nurse / auxiliary staff” 

Simcha Yagel

M.D. - Head of the division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Hadassah Hospital - Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem

”I am an Arabic speaker. I gave birth 5 times in this hospital. With the Hospikol system this is my first time here thatI feel understood.”

Maryam N. (34)

Maternity department

Hadassah Mount Scopus

“In the past when I stayed in this department, I had to call multiple times for a nurse , but nobody came. Now, with Hospikol, my dedicated nurse comes quickly with the relevant medical supplies.”

Michael S. (56)

Ear and throat department
Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

 Hospikol is laying the foundation for the future of patients' personalized services by using technological solutions.

Maximize staff workflow

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