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Hospikol Solutions

Hospikol consists of two applications (patient and staff) and a management system

Hospikol Patient Application 

simplify the communication between the patients & the staff

The application can be installed on personal phones, tablets or smart screens.


The Hospikol Patient application enables patients to effortlessly connect with their care team for help.

While using the application, patients for specific needs such as:

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Emergency Assistance

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Pain Management

Group 812.png

Additional Bedding

and more

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Patients now know that their call will be received and addressed, thanks to the smart Hospikol routing system.

The patient can also view instructional videos and read general information that is relevant to their situation/treatments. 

Hospikol can be converted into many different languages, allowing the patient and carer applications to run in different languages (patients can send a request in their preferred language while the nurse receives it in their own preferred language), thereby easing the communication process.

Organizes tasks and reduces stress and burnout

Hospikol Care team Application 

The Care Team application helps hospital staff organize their schedules, as well as prioritize various patient requests.


The Hospikol care team application enables hospital staff to have preemptive knowledge of their patients requests. They can now assist patient emergencies first and then attend to other needs according to their urgency. They can also attend the patient in advance with the necessary equipment according to the call received. 

The system assigns specific calls to relevant hospital staff according to the urgency of the call (set in the management system). If one  care team member doesn’t attend to the patient within the time assigned by the system, the patient’s call will be forwarded to the next relevant team member and so on, in order to ensure the call will be answered in a timely manner. 


The care team can now better understand their patient’s needs, answer calls, create personal reminders and tasks, and send them personal voice and text messages, all through one application.

This results in a more less stressful, quiet and calm environment and reduces burnout of the care team.  

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A management system and dashboard that provides a clear overview of all hospital activity

Hospikol Management  Systems


The hospikol management system oversees the Hospitals activity & Data Analytics. This can drive business decisions.

Hospikol is customizable and convenient for any medical environment.    

Our monitor system at the nursing station provides a simple and easy way for hospital staff to review all active calls and requests within their department.

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Image by Bermix Studio

As a result,

Hospikol allows for better understanding of medical resource allocation

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